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Parenting, Adjustmental Issues, Communication Issues, Bonding Issues

Healthy family is a happy family. Relationships are fostered among family members and spread its wings to relations, friends and society. Family is considered a great place for living together in those days. The family culture has changed drastically from a joint family to nuclear family to an individual system. Holding on to family values and culture has become challenging now due to changes in lifestyle, both parents are working, children are with caretakers, and relations are far away and unhealthy comparison and competition with each other. Such things are leading to an unpleasant experience and unhappiness in life.

When experiencing or facing such incidents in life it’s advisable to ask for help. It could be from family members or professionals who can help us in rewinding the thought process, acceptance of people and supporting each other in a crisis. Life is beautiful when we are with our loved ones.


Parenting is a wonderful experience celebrated by every person in this world irrespective of gender bias. Welcoming a new life comes with responsibility and accountability. They need to understand that the child has come from them as a person, not as a part or replica of them. Everything has got its pricing. Upbringing a child too has pricing like spending quality time, compromising on lifestyle, valuing people, respecting each other and leading as an example.

For every child’s mother is a heroine and father is a hero. They are their lifetime role models. They look upon their parents for each and everything they do. They mirror their behaviors, values, and culture.

In the busy schedule, parents forget themselves and moving on with the routine chores. They get angry with the child for petty things, punishing them for low academic scores, comparing with other children and so on. Eventually, the child learns all these vices from parents and situations fuelled their behaviors. Unhealthy parental behavior leads to unhealthy childhood. Healthy parenting leads to a healthy life. The choice is in parental hands!

Are parents ready to take up parenting challenges?

  • 01
    Unhealthy Parenting to Healthy Parenting
    Reprimanding & Complaining to Explaining, talking and Reasoning
  • 02
    Anxious Parenting to Concern Parenting
    Over Protective &Reacting to Appreciate, Caring and Responding
  • 03
    Hurting Parenting to Caring Parenting
    Words, Physical Abuse &Punishing to Friendly, Supportive and Praising
  • 04
    Destructive Parenting to Constructive Parenting
    Labelling&Irresponsible to Complementing, Calling & Responsible
  • 05
    Unhappy Parenting to Happy Parenting
    Neglecting, Partiality & Not Trusting & Worthiness to Accepting, Preference & Trusting & Worthiness


Human being likes to be treated well and handle with utmost care especially with in-laws. Parents and siblings are the driving force and in-laws are the powerful force. Driving force acts as a support system and a powerful force acts as an ordering system. Many of us are having judgmental thoughts and behaviors towards in-laws. They are repetitive history. At one point in a lifetime, everybody plays the role of in-laws. Giving the benefit of doubts would help us in considering their words and behaviors as normal as you and me.

Acceptance of the current state of the situation helps in handling emotions of self and others. Managing the actions of others will help us in adjusting actions towards self. We help to manage and accept situations to win hearts.

  • 01
    Adjustmental Issues
    Unacceptance to Acceptance
  • 02
    Communication Issues
    Reaction to Response
  • 03
    Bonding Issues
    Traumatic Experience to Restorative Experience
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