Career Assessment

(School, College and Professionals)

Srijan Career Counselling services is dedicated to guidance of students, graduates and professionals. Our career assessment tools help students to assess career aptitude, career interest, career motivators, career choices and career personality.

Our aim is to provide guidance to help students and professionals navigate life’s challenges, work on continuous improvement, and enable them to identify their unique strengths and helps in achieving learner’s goal.

Why Career Assessment?

Most of the time, the parent’s desire and peer pressure influence student’s career choice. Also, the education market and media gives a different impression on the career choices and market demand. Though the information is helpful to a certain extent but many a times it is at the cost of their interest and potential. While it is difficult to get it absolute right due to biased approach, personal experience of others and lack of real time knowledge.

Seeking professional help to arrive at a right choice is now at your reach.

Our way of shaping a career path

Passion | Purpose | Profession

Srijan way of Career Choice: ABCD Model


  • Know your strength, interest, and potential (SIP)
  • Explore the ocean of education programs and job opportunities


  • Report interpretation vs. self – introspection
  • Connect your dream with reality
  • Build your dream career


  • Choose the right course which attributes to your strength


  • Decide your career goal and design a road map to achieve it

Our Uniqueness

Reliability and Accountability

Our Process

Know your Passion, Follow your Dream with a Purpose and Choose your Profession

Program Structure

School Programs

Student Career Assessment: Career Analysis: 8th Class to 12th Class

  • 01
    Career Aptitude
  • 02
    Career Personality
  • 03
    Career Interest
  • 04
    Career Suitability
  • 05
    Career Options

College Programs

Graduate and Post – Graduate Career Assessment: Build your Dream Career

  • 01
    Career Interpretation
  • 02
    Value Added Career Courses
  • 03
    Employability Skill Development
  • 04
    Future Career Demands
  • 05
    Personality Development


Develop and Grow

  • 01
    Career Analysis
  • 02
    Career Advancement
  • 03
    Alternate Career Choices
  • 04
    Managerial Skills
  • 05
    Personal Effectiveness

Our Methodology:

  • Introductory Session
  • Online Career Assessment
  • Report Interpretation by Professionals
  • Career Scope
  • Career Path and Guidance

Benefits of Choosing Career Assessment and Guidance:

  • Informed career decision
  • Ways to enhance professional skills
  • Road map for career path
  • Develop personal competency skills
  • Map with real time employability need

Success in a career means many things. We at Srijan define Career Success as -'following one's passion with perseverance'.

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