Life Incidents Counselling

Pre-Marital, Marital, Separation, Divorce

Life incidents are memories. Memories help someone to build a beautiful world around them and live a happy life. At times, memories are painful due to unpleasant incidents, expectational failures and unacceptance of people in life. Memories that are pleasant today become unpleasant in the future. Handling emotions associated with memories are challenging for many, some life-threatening and few overcome it soon.

Histories are made on accidental memories. Accidental memories are memories that trigger past painful experiences in the present and develop anxiety about the future. These experiences are traumatic, unhealthy, unproductive, feeling lost and stuck in one place. Though wanted to come out and face real-time challenges but unable to move on in life. If anyone feels, life is going nowhere then it’s the right time to seek professional assistance and get engage with life.

Life Incidents Support Program


Learning Adjustment, Acceptance of New People, 50:50 Match, Pre – Couple Counselling & Adaptability to New Customs and Traditions


Couple Counselling, Give More to Receive More, In-Laws Conflict & Resolution, 2Ps Management (Personal and Professional Life), Personal Space and Me Time, E.Detox & Engage to Evolve

Adaptability & Adjustment Issues

  • Assess to Analyze
  • Situational Analysis and Interpretation
  • Develop Acceptance & Coping Skills

Career Challenges - Loss / Change of Job

  • Alternate Career: Redefine to Rediscover
  • Change of Job: Career Assessment &Up skilling
  • Career Development: Gap Identification &Employability Skill Up-gradation
  • Vocational Skills: Skill Enhancement & Career Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Business Opportunities &Networking

Separation / Divorce


  • Situational to Conditional
  • Conditional to Compromise
  • Compromise to Concern
  • Concern about Caring
  • Caring to New Beginning


  • Traumatic to Painful
  • Painful to Acceptance
  • Acceptance to Options
  • Options to Opportunities
  • Opportunities for New Life

Grief & Bereavement

Five Stages of Grief by Kubler Ross

We help you to identify the current stage of grief and assist in rediscovering yourself and the purpose of living.


Our approach is systematic and customized to individual client needs. We help them to take that first step to change the path from grief to pain.

Distress to Recovery

Distress is a state of mind where normal activities seem to be disturbing and not interested in eating or sleeping. Despair is the order of the day and respire is to breathe only sadness and unhappiness. Our process of recovery helps to identify an individual as resourceful and empower them in leading a happy life. We teach them to

  • See Self as Resourceful
  • Enhance Individual Empowerment 
  • Build Network of People
  • From Stagnant to Start Moving
  • Engage Slowly and Productively to See the Big Picture
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