Specific Learning Disability

The children with a specific learning disability have trouble in academic performance, behavioral issues, and interpersonal relationship. These children have trouble processing, organizing and applying the information. The signs and symptoms are generally seen in most of the children, which doesn’t mean they have learning disabilities. It could be family issues or health issues or psychological issues. Professional intervention is a must to diagnose learning disabilities in children.

The common learning disabilities are

  • 01
    Dyslexia – Language
    reading, writing, spelling and speaking disability
  • 02
    Problem with numbers i.e. mathematics and arithmetic
  • 03
    Problems with handwriting, spelling and organizing ideas
  • 04
    Problems with fine motor skills coordination like hand-eye coordination, balance, and manual dexterity
  • 05
    Difficulty with language – problems understanding spoke the language and poor reading comprehension
  • 06
    Auditory Processing Disorder
    Problems with reading, comprehension, language and hearing difference between sounds
  • 07
    Visual Processing Disorder
    Difficulty in interpreting visual information like maps, charts, symbols and pictures

If a child has difficulty in any one of these areas or symptoms of mixed scholastic disabilities, early intervention would help them in identifying the actual challenging areas. This will help them in providing training at the early age to cope with the academic skills.

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